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Friday, 24. January 2014
Just A Few Brain Workouts Can Have Long-lasting Benefits In Seniors, Study Says
By vallielc, 00:38

Our prior research suggested that the benefits of the training could last up to five years, or even seven years, but no one had ever reported 10-year maintenance in mental training in older adults, says Michael Marsiske , associate professor of clinical and health psychology at the University of Florida. One of the reasons that this is surprising has to do with how little training we did with participants, about 10 to 18 sessions. This would be like going to the gym for between five and 10 weeks, never going again, and still seeing positive effects a decade later. Participants who received cognitive training also reported significantly less difficulty with daily living tasks, such as housework, medication management and shopping. Training was conducted in 60- to 75-minute sessions over a five- to six-week period. Some participants were randomly selected to receive booster training 11 and 35 months following the initial training.

Turnarounds & Workouts Announces Its List of Successful Restructurings in 2013

The restructurings are selected by Turnarounds and Workoutsa editorial staff based upon the level of complexity, the outcome, and nominations received from leading restructuring professionals nationwide. This year, twelve restructurings were chosen for recognition. To view the list of Successful Restructurings and read more about the reasons that each was selected, please visit Registration is required to view the list, but registration is free and can be completed in just a few seconds. For more than a quarter century, Turnarounds & Workouts newsletter, published by Beard Group, has recognized the achievements of top business professionals and attorneys in the bankruptcy, restructuring, and distressed investing industry.

Workouts we will see this 2014

And this trend is picking up in the city like wild fire. "It is fun and it's effective. Gyms can get monotonous, but there is an element of surprise in this," says actor Sricharan. Bootcamp includes military recruit training, so there's no doubt that it's intense.

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